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 Tutorial guide

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PostSubject: Tutorial guide   Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:33 am

Okay for all you new people i thought i d help u out a little bit so here's what u have to do to pass the tutorial

1) when u first log in u will see a npc (bold Tau'ri shirtless) go next to him and click him and he will tell u to double click on crates to find items and stuff such as radio's weapons, medkits, etc....

2)After talking to him do not go up the stairs towards the gate you see instead go around to the right of the platform and take a north you will shortly find another gate and a blue light looking thingy that is an ascende being talk to him

3) After talking to him he will give you two addresses you want the first one i think with that knowledge walk to the gate device and you will see and a keyboard like thing pop up put in the address in it

4)once the gate opens do NOT rush in or you will die instead take ur time once the gate opens and only take one step through it or you will die from going through it twice

5) on the other side of this gate you will find another npc talk to him congrats ur done to find addresses check the gate addresses on another part of this forum to goto places

6)on some planets you will find computers that say marcro dialing or something on those lines these will dial the gate and open a wormhole to a set location

7)on your journey you will find rocks that can be mined by double clicking on one of the pick axes u normaly find around them and clicking on the rock for low lvl's i suggest clicking on onces labeled naquada deposits or gem deposits

8)you will also find something you would find in a blacksmith clicking on it will let you select a few items to craft together

9) a little heads up some gates you dial will have defences that will kill you if you dont get someone on the planet to disarm it before going through

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Tutorial guide
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